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The Five Qualities

Fundamentals we believe in

Be Relevant, Inspired, Consistent, Functional and Daring

These are what we believe to be fundamental qualities to aim for when designing functional user-centric applications, developing effective targeted communication and growing brands.


Be inspired, it’s contagious.

what is that component in certain promotion that stops us in our tracks? What is that thing some brands have that elevates them above the rest? Isn’t it always an ability to inspire? We believe, inspiration is a resource that can be unlocked from within almost any business. If that business is sufficiently aware of the value, uniqueness and potential of itself and its activities it can channel excitement into its communication. And communication from an inspired business is so much harder to ignore.

Good timing is all

The undivided lasting attention of an audience is a rare thing to have these days. One thing is certain: Odes chiseled in granite celebrating our achievements most likely end up enjoyed only by ourselves. Audiences pick and choose, flip and switch, keep their coats on. And as a minimum requirement they expect to be enlightened, to be helped, to be invited to participate, often taking with them only what seems immediately relevant to them. 

Repeating nice surprises never gets monotonous.

An airline testing pilot trainees on every flight, hospital opening hours dictated by the weather, Granny’s Homemade Pie outsourced to various back street bakeries, etc. With no consistency, who can expect trust and loyalty? And a company lacking continuity in the tone of its communication, in its packaging, ads, websites, campaigns, uniforms, stationary – sends the message that it might be as fluctuating in the quality of its products, its services, its ethics. Inversely, when we trust a company to uphold good standards, we more readily buy into any of its new initiatives and even accept the occasional mishap. 

Making it work for others works.

Intuitive online navigation, colour-coded services, recycable packaging, logical yet inventive product naming, creative yet practical visual identities, elastic brand hierarchys, etc. Throughout design and communication, function has a key part to play.

Curiosity rewarded the stray-dog

Now and again, some low cost but truly original communication triumphs all the heavyweight agencies and their juicy marketing budgets – like a stray-dog running through a posh neighbourhood, exciting the pedigree poodles. As always, in communication spending-power guarantees neither originality nor popularity. 

Now, more than ever, it takes unique insight, engagement and a dose of daring to be noticed. As a creative agency, we hope to remain curious and hungry, unafraid to run with stray-dogs.

How do the five qualities influence our work? working with MS Nordic