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About us

We like a Scandinavian approach to design, but also know it's not always what is most relevant to make a communication strategy actually work!

An open mind is really what makes us stay updated constantly.

All over the place, but right on target

We think this interconnectivity directly transfers value to our clients, as they look for unique advantages, investigate new markets, and hope to diversify while remaining true to their core values.

Who better to deliver the communication for such challenges, than a company of dedicated designers, marketeers and developers based in places like Barcelona, Copenhagen, and collaborating across the world?.

We are professionals well versed in both local habits and global trends, and in all modesty, we think we’re really good at what we do. Being all over the place, but right on target.

We chase big ideas

And catalog everything that works for you.


Apart from a “whole army” of partners and collaborators from all over the world, the core of MS Nordic are the following gentlemen:

Jacob Munch

Founder & Creative Director

Jacob is the company founder and on a daily basis he works with managing projects and take care of the design and creative work in most projects.

Pablo Naverrete


Pablo is a full-stack developer with deep insight in the technical part of most modern communication frameworks for both App and web applications. Pablo is also partner in our Spanish jurisdiction.

Erik Sørensen


Erik is partner and CEO at MS Nordic and takes care of administrative tasks at our Danish jurisdiction.

Juan Jose Maruenda

Marketing Consultant, Spanish Market

Juan Jose has a many years of experience in operations, while he also holds a degree in both law and marketing. On a daily basis he works as a consultant and advisor at the Spanish market.

How do we make it work?

Download our “working with MS Nordic” presentation to find out how we could carry out your project, whether it’s a new corporate identity or website.