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About us

All over the place

Right on target

You could say we’re all over the place.


Regularly, our Copenhagen and Barcelona developers share screens to crack an obstinate problem, our London lead creative gets a second opinion from Barcelona, or a client brief received in Copenhagen benefits from similar projects completed succesfully by London colleagues.


We think this interconnectivity directly transfers value to our clients, as they look for unique advantages, investigate new markets, and hope to diversify while remaining true to their core values. Who better to deliver the communication for such challenges, than a company of dedicated designers, marketeers and developers based in Barcelona, Copenhagen and London, and collaborating across Europe?


We are professionals well versed in both local habits and global trends, and in all modesty, we think we’re really good at what we do. Being all over the place, but right on target.

Five points to consider...

Focusing on relevance

Attention is in short supply. Audiences pick and choose, flip and switch, keep their coats on. For their loyalty, they expect inspiration, inclusion, assistance. And as they leave, they take with them only what is instantly relevant to them. 

Unlocking inspiration

What gives good promotion its stop-up effect? What elevates some brands above the rest? An ability to inspire? We think inspiration is a resource that can be unlocked from within any business. And that it is essential that you channel it into your communication. Because inspired communication is much harder for anyone to ignore.

Pursuing consistency

Trust and loyalty depends, in part, on consistency. If your packaging, advertising, websites, uniforms, etc, seem disconnected, who is to say that your products, services and ethics don’t fluctuate in the same way. Inversely, when we trust a company to uphold high standards, we more readily buy into its new products and even forgive occasional mishaps.

Making it work

Intuitive web navigation, colour-coded products and services, informative packaging, inventive yet logical product naming, creative yet practical visual identity, etc. In all design and communication, functionality is important as it allows strategy to be implemented.

Engaging & investigating

As always in communication, spending-power guarantees neither originality nor popularity. Now more than ever, it takes engagement, insight and a dose of curiosity to deliver solutions that stand out.

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